Capri Cello HD-C-11
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Capri Cello HD-C-11

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Capri Cello HD-C-11


      • Solid Hand Carved Spruce Top
      • Solid Hand Carved Maple Back & Sides
      • Beautiful Inlaid Purfing (Not Painted)
      • Rich Golden Brown Finish
      • Ebony Fingerboard and Pegs
      • Alloy Tailpiece With 4 Build-In Fine Tuners
      • Well-Padded Hard Case with 2 large pouches and wheels
      • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
      • Rosin Cake
      • Unbleached Genuine Mongolian Horsehair Bow
      • Optional: Electrify your cello with a clip-on piezo-electric pickup

Optional Tuner/Metronome

92-D Chromatic Tuner


    • Chromatic tuner function with 8 octave tone generator
    • Guitar, bass, violin, and cello tuner function (viola is the same as cello)
    • Metronome function with simulated traditional pendulum motion
    • Tempo range of 30bpm to 230bpm, 1/4 inch input jack and 3.5mm headphone jack, Volume control
    • Large 2 1/4 inch LCD display screen, Battery powered


      This chromatic tuner is easy to read, has a large LCD display, and can be used to tune any instrument. The guitar, bass, violin, viola and cello tuning modes have eliminated and simplified the fuss and guess work of tuning stringed instruments. A built in 1/4 inch input jack is also provided for the use with the electric guitar and electric bass. When using the Metronome function an audible beat is provided for an easy to find downbeat in any of the compound or duple meter settings. With an adjustable note value and tempo range setting mastering complex beats is achieved for any level musician!

You can buy our inexpensive guitar stand "Guitar Stand GS-A" ($15) to use with this cello.

The system weight was set to 100 pounds because the box is over sized with a weight of 24 pounds, and our shipping costs is over $350 .

 This product is only available in the NYC area. shipping cost are over $100.